Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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    If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life.
    -Louis Parrish

    Welcome back to this installment of Time Machine Tuesday! Here I'm going to share one of my oldest and best projects. I say best because it's my most used project. Not a single pair of socks, everyday sweater, or even dishcloth is used as often as this kitchen rug that I made on a whim a while back.

    Mitered Square Rug, circa 2003
    Pattern: from IK a few summers back
    Yarn: kitchen cotton in various solid shades, used double
    Needles: US 10s?
    Mods: Just changed the colors to use stash.
    Best Thing About This Project: The nubbly texture under my feet while washing dishes. Even better? My husband usually does the dishes.
    The Test of Time: Definitely. It's getting a nice faded, vintage-y feel from getting washed frequently.



    Blogger silverarrowknits said...

    I love it. My knitted rug is one of my most used items as well.

    6/24/2008 3:10 PM  
    Blogger Laurie said...

    It's so good to see prior FOs in happy use.

    6/24/2008 3:59 PM  
    Blogger Tracy Batchelder said...

    Cool rug. Love it!

    6/25/2008 6:23 AM  
    Blogger JayJay said...

    What a neat use for stash yarn! Also, isn't it great to have a hubby that does housework?

    6/25/2008 9:08 AM  
    Blogger Kristen said...

    I love the look and feel of knitted rugs, and your is bright and cheery. The Muriwai bathmat was a fun knit for me.

    6/25/2008 1:03 PM  

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