Thursday, May 17, 2007

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    The land of the fairy,
    where nobody gets old and godly and grave,
    where nobody gets old and crafty and wise,
    where nobody gets old and bitter of tongue.

    -William Butler Yeats

    I am thoroughly enjoying my month on Dermatology for several reasons. The good and noble reasons have to do with how much I'm learning and how this is actually required for my Internal Medicine Residency. The less good and noble reasons involve how there is no call, and I have entire weekends off. For an entire month. And, for the record, these are the first consecutive two-day periods I've had off in about 7 months. It's really nice. And I'm keeping plenty busy . . . which is why I'm getting around to posting about my weekend on, um, Thursday.

    So, in addition to all that quality time with my sewing machine (three cheers!), and a birthday party, game night, and a Padres game, I did a whole bunch of work on some long-term knitting projects.

    Rowena saw a great deal of fuddly finishing (ruffles!) and is getting very very close to blocking time. (I usually seam before wet blocking.) You know it's been a long-term project when my fiance comments that I've been working on it "for a long time."The Chuppah, of course, got it's due attention and is coming along. The border is now half done, and again I feel so greatly indebted to Victorian Lace Today for their excellent corner-turning instructions. Above and beyond.

    I also started the Ballet T-Shirt, with many mods, from Loop-d-Loop. You'd be correct if you guessed that this was a book I owned from which I had not yet knit anything. . . . it's a Book-a-Month thing. (And, between you and me, I'm kind of glad there's only one month left after this one.)

    And knitting even found it's way into non-knitting activities. The Retro Ribs saw some action at the Padres game.

    And, speaking of baseball, take a good, close-up look at this photo - It caught the ball in mid-pitch, halfway between the pitcher and batter, all the way from the Upper Deck.

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    Blogger The A.D.D. Knitter said...

    Love your Retro Rib socks, mine are taking a little breather right now...and I love to knit at baseball games!

    5/17/2007 7:14 PM  
    Blogger Elinor said...

    Ah, knitting in the wild!!! I'm glad you're getting some consecutive time off with no call. So, does this mean you're going to become a dermatologist???

    5/17/2007 7:39 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Oh, it did! Nice shot.

    After Dermatology, do you go back to on call no time off?

    Rowena's looking almost done! So pretty.

    One more month for your Book a Month thing? And not until you've gone through all your books? [ducks].

    5/17/2007 8:19 PM  
    Blogger Meg said...

    What lovely baseball photos... reminding me there are still some things out there that I miss!

    5/17/2007 8:26 PM  
    Blogger Jenny Raye said...

    Enjoy your month of no-on-call! Great photos--hope the RRs enjoyed the game.

    5/17/2007 8:49 PM  
    Blogger Jenn said...

    Yay for new projects! Can't wait to see the finished Rowena. And yay for baseball games and knitting - I look forward to several of those myself this summer.

    5/18/2007 4:00 AM  
    Blogger Tracy Batchelder said...

    Knitting and baseball just seem to go together. Enjoy your weekend!

    5/18/2007 6:41 AM  
    Blogger JayJay said...

    I'm glad you're able to enjoy your month of not being on call. I just e-mailed about when our guest room is free in June and July (hint, hint), although it sounds like you have a lot of traveling planned for the summer.

    The ballet t-shirt looks great! I love the color. I may have to knit one of these myself over the summer. I can't wait to see a finished Rowena, too. You've been quite busy!

    5/18/2007 8:35 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    What, no emergency eczema outbreaks over the weekends?

    I am glad you have been able to get some time for you and your crafting!

    5/18/2007 12:24 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It's almost like you're back in the fourth year of med school with all this productivity? And aren't you starting to plan a wedding, too?

    Nice shutter speed on your camera!!

    5/20/2007 9:58 AM  
    Blogger Melissa said...

    very cool photo! I am looking forward to seeing the Pads play the Sox in June!

    5/20/2007 12:45 PM  

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