Friday, January 02, 2009

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    Listen to the musn'ts child,
    Listen to the don'ts
    Listen to the shouldn'ts
    The impossible, the won'ts
    Listen to the never haves
    Then listen close to me-
    Anything can happen, child
    Anything can be.
    -Shel Silverstein

    Since I keep talking about them so much (and since I'm on call today), I thought I'd pop in with just a little sneak peek of my latest Dale sweater:Bondegard from Baby Knits from Dale of Norway. I still have to add the duplicate stitch for the eyes and the beaks. And, of course, block. But, really, how cute is that?



    Blogger sloth-knits said...

    That is adorable! I need to get back into colourwork at some point.

    1/02/2009 5:44 PM  
    Blogger carolyninAlaska said...

    So cute!
    It sure captured my "heart"!

    1/02/2009 7:18 PM  
    Blogger Knitting Up North said...

    Very cute!! You are too talented for words. Love SC

    1/02/2009 7:25 PM  
    Blogger silverarrowknits said...

    Super cute!

    1/02/2009 10:12 PM  
    Blogger Pam said...

    Absolutely adorable -- I love the colorwork on the "gingham" bits.

    And the chickens.

    1/03/2009 12:17 AM  
    Blogger Elinor said...

    Dale baby knits = always perfect.

    1/03/2009 9:32 AM  
    Blogger Spinning Beauty said...'s so cute! I love the colors :)

    1/04/2009 10:52 PM  
    Blogger Kessa said...

    Super cute!

    1/05/2009 4:44 PM  
    Blogger JayJay said...

    Wow, that is very impressive! I really need to learn to do colorwork.

    1/13/2009 8:47 AM  

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