Monday, November 13, 2006

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    When I bring you colored toys, my child,
    I understand why there is such a play of colors on clouds, on water,
    and why flowers are painted in tints.
    -Rabindranath Tagore

    Thanks for all the lovely comments on my great weekend of not knitting. Lest you think that we're all play and no work, let me assure you that both the beau and I are working tonight, running around the hospital like crazy people and occasionally bumping into each other on the stairs. This place is no national park, let me tell you! Since I haven't had time to photograph any of the knitting I've been doing recently, I'll get you all caught up on some recent FOs.

    You know how I can't seem to get enough of the little things these days, how I keep getting distracted? And I'm only starting to get into the Christmas spirit (yes, aided in part by the Starbucks holiday cups). Who knows what kind of damage I'll do with Christmas ornaments this year?

    Here's the final tally for my Month 4 project. Yes, that would be as I'm starting Month 6. Why do you ask? The limiting factor was actually doing laundry. When you're wearing scrubs every day, and you handwash your socks, there's not a whole lot of laundry that piles up.

    Stuffed Felted Balls
    Pattern: from Melanie Falick's Knitting for Baby
    Yarn: oddballs of feltable wool, including Gjestal Tweed, Lamb's Pride, Mountain Colors Weaver's Wool, Manos, Lopi, Cascade 220, and a few unidentified yarns
    Needles: US 7s
    Notes: The green-purple colors are perhaps a little sophisticated for babies. But I think they'll love the pink/blue combo.
    Best Thing About This Project: Not only does it use up small feltable oddballs, it's stuffed with all the leftover pieces of yarn that I can't seem to throw away. We're talking the 2-inch pieces you cut off when you're done weaving in ends. Doesn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy and resourceful?

    Speaking of holiday cheer, does any one have any tried-and-true make-ahead and freeze cookie recipies? I have to work all through the holidays, so I'm going to need all the advance help I can get.


    Blogger Jenn said...

    The felted balls are cute! A fab stashbusting idea. Sadly, I've got nothing in the cookie department. We make 'em, we eat 'em, but we don't seem to freeze 'em.
    Good luck!

    11/14/2006 4:22 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm delurking...Even though she makes me itch, Martha Stewart has some good slice and bake recipes that are good for freezing ahead. You freeze the dough. When you are ready for cookies, just thaw, slice, and bake. Warm, fresh cookies!

    11/14/2006 5:54 AM  
    Blogger Liz K. said...

    Damn, but you are resourceful! I don't save all those little yarn-y ends, but maybe I should. I read in that Knitty stuffed pumpkin pattern that those are stuffed with plastic bags. I have way too many of them, but little bits of yarn seem so much more squishable than plastic bags.

    11/14/2006 5:59 AM  
    Blogger Elinor said...

    Your resourcefulness makes me want to go stash diving...

    I have a GREAT sugar cookie recipe that freezes well as a roll of dough. When you're ready, thaw it out, cut slices off and bake. Email me if you're interested. I'll type it up for you!

    11/14/2006 7:54 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Totally cute and fun!

    11/14/2006 8:59 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    There's a great dark chocolate espresso bean cookie at that rocks and it freezes nicely. Mine sat in my freezer for at least a month and baked up yummy! A trick I learned, freeze them on the cookie sheet overnight then put them in a freezer bag. They stay in little spoonfuls that way and don't stick together. Go Barefoot Contessa!

    11/14/2006 9:41 AM  
    Blogger Anneliese Kelly said...

    No frozen cookie recipe, but I'm in the market for some cool knitted ornaments (I'm already doing the ones from Handknit Holidays). know what I'm going to the measurements...yes I'm a neurotic psycho...that's my prerogative as bride

    Okay, off to shower and head to class.

    11/14/2006 9:52 AM  
    Blogger Stephanie said...

    I'm going to do some ornaments from Handknit Holidays for the lys's charity tree. It should be fun. I love your little felted balls. I have a good refrigerator recipe and I'm pretty sure you can freeze it. Let me check the book and I'll e-mail you.

    11/14/2006 11:41 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Love the balls! Such a great use of leftover stash yarn, as well as the little bits of scraps! I'll be keeping this one in mind!

    11/14/2006 12:59 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi T, You are such a resouurceful daughter! The ornaments look great! Try my Aunt Catherine's recipe for banana- oatmeal cookies. They freeze very nicely. Good Luck! Love, Mom

    11/14/2006 4:12 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Wow, a couple good samaritans above sure did take a lot of time out of their days to make sure you know what all your options are with regard to printer cartridges. :)

    Okay, while your balls are cute, I have to say that the fact that they're stuffed with 2-inch ends does not make me feel warm and fuzzy so much as incredulous. Do you really keep those ends from EVERY project? Do they just go in a giant gallon bag? You had to know you could only ever use them for stuffing, right? Help me, I don't understand.

    11/15/2006 5:00 AM  
    Blogger carrie said...

    oh how i wish i had a washing machine! i have that book and have wanted to knit those for a while, but it just won't work at a laundromat ...

    11/15/2006 6:33 AM  
    Blogger --Deb said...

    Theresa--Please don't forget to put the Martha's Vineyard Lovers webring info on your page . . . I can't approve you until you do!

    11/15/2006 2:54 PM  
    Blogger Marsha said...

    Got to share this with you!

    Always gives me chills.

    11/16/2006 4:59 AM  
    Blogger Jocele said...

    Is it totally shallow of me that I giggled when I saw "stuffed balls"? They're cute, though. Enjoy your holiday...hopefully you can catch a breather.

    11/22/2006 4:50 PM  

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