Tuesday, August 22, 2006

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    Don't worry about the world coming to an end today.
    It's already tomorrow in Australia.
    -Charles M. Shultz

    If I had ever required proof that the world is a small world indeed, Meg would provide it. To make a long story of many emails short, she used to shop at the same historic arcade that I did. And now she lives in Australia. We never would have 'met.' But now she writes a knitting blog. On which she does many fun things, including documenting the wild beast known as the novelty scarf in its natural habitat (go searching for the whole series - very worthwhile) and having fun contests. Which I just won. International post being what it is, I had nearly (but not quite) forgotten that I was expecting this. I was so delightfully surprised to come home to this gorgeous handpainted Montage Collection Mohair from New Zealand in stunning colors. They call it Aubergine. I think it has all the jewel tones of a peacock (or, my birds of paradise, for that matter). It is fabulous. Dramatic. Stunning, even. It says night out on the town. It says that I am way classier than I really am, but who here has ever won an argument with their yarn?

    Any pattern suggestions? I have 200g, about 400m. And I'm all ears. The yarn is talking, why don't you?


    Blogger Anneliese Kelly said...

    Don't forget that Meg's friend from college is dating (and living with) one of Toasty Joe's best friends here in New York!

    8/22/2006 8:38 AM  
    Blogger silverarrowknits said...

    The yarn is utterly gorgeous.

    8/22/2006 10:08 AM  
    Blogger christine said...

    Is it laceweight? If so, Diamond Fantasy Shawl............lovely!

    8/22/2006 11:55 AM  
    Blogger Meg said...

    Theresa, I am so happy you like the yarn. I will be very interested ot see what you will do with it. My own idea was to make a Clapotis type scarf with it. (Of course the mohair will present a challenge in unravelling the ladders of dropped stitches.)
    It sounds like I'm going to have to get some of the low-down on Toasty Joe and his mates from flitgirl! Ah, the tangled web we weave...

    8/22/2006 4:05 PM  
    Blogger Jenn said...

    It is a crazy small world, as I just stumbled across Meg's blog a few days ago looking for others who had knit the Baltic Sea Stole. Yowzas!

    8/22/2006 4:18 PM  
    Blogger Carrie K said...

    Is it possible to win an argument with yarn? Definitely a stole of some kind. Hmmm. Have to think about this.

    8/22/2006 4:22 PM  

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