Thursday, July 06, 2006

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    A good plan, violently executed now,
    is better than a perfect plan next week.
    -George S. Patton

    Remember the plan? That reading list plan that I developed last week two weeks ago? Well, I am pleased to report that I have put it into action.

    The plan - for those of you too lazy to click backwards - is that I'm actually going to knit things from the pattern books I own, instead of buying more. An incredible concept, no? I'm going to make a good faith attempt at a project from a different book each of the 13 "months" of my intern year. (Don't laugh. No really. Don't.)

    So far, so good. Check out the hat from Baby Knits from Dale of Norway. (FYI - I've seen rumors that this is out of print. If that's true, run, do not walk and go buy your copy. It's a great pattern collection.) I'm making the cover sweater and hat, and starting with the hat. You can see the beginning of the ladybugs on the right.

    (Excuse the flash. There's not even enough sun in sunny California for me to be home during daylight hours more than a couple of times a week.)

    I'm not sure what delusional planet I was on when I decided to do a fingering weight fair isle sweater and hat during my first month on the Internal Medicine Wards (OK, you can really stop laughing now), but I'll finish it eventually. I am getting some time to knit between all the craziness that makes my pager my best friend, worst enemy, and constant companion. There are all sorts of fun knitters in San Diego, and I'm trying to make as many knitting gatherings as I can. There's another one tonight, so I'll fill you in on all the good times tomorrow.


    Blogger Marina said...

    Hey, that's a good start! That will make a lovely present for some lucky baby.

    7/06/2006 6:15 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Excellent start! I love that pattern and will probably make it eventually for my granddaughter. In looking at the book, it seems as if a lot of the patterns are in their other softcover pattern books. Check out my blog - can you guess what I'm making for Izzy? It's Dale of Norway and the first correct guesser gets a prize!
    Dorothy (Missouri Star)

    7/06/2006 7:57 PM  
    Blogger Jenn said...

    You can knit it! Yes you can!

    7/06/2006 9:04 PM  
    Blogger Laura said...

    I love those colors! So fun for a baby. :)

    7/07/2006 5:53 AM  
    Blogger Lorette said...

    Oh you might be delusional, but that's going to be a great baby set.
    And I am most happy that nobody inspects my clothes before I start work each day. I'd probably get sent home.

    7/07/2006 11:25 AM  
    Blogger Carrie K said...

    I remember that plan! Nice start, the colors are gorgeous. FI sweater and hat? On your first month? I'll be rooting for you, but don't give up more sleep than you already have to.

    7/07/2006 1:26 PM  
    Blogger Rebecca said...

    Fair isle using fingering weight yarn?? Hmmm....are you nuts? LOL So here is the big question - is your life now as crazy as an interns life is depicted in t.v. shows and movies? I'm amazed that you have time for knitting but am rejoicing that you do!

    7/07/2006 5:38 PM  
    Blogger Hannah said...

    Great plan! Not buying yarn seems really hard but not buying new patterns seems like a great idea!

    7/10/2006 4:48 AM  
    Blogger Kate Diamond said...

    I am impressed, as always, with your ability to make friends wherever you go. Go Theresa!

    7/10/2006 2:23 PM  
    Blogger Wendy said...

    Oh please - the new XRS Victorian Lace (of which I've seen a preview and it's so much more accessible than Gathering of Lace) is coming out in September, Arctic Lace soon after, and the Koigu book in November - but you do have a plan, good luck!

    7/11/2006 5:32 AM  

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