Wednesday, February 13, 2008

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    A little Madness in the Spring Is wholesome even for the King.
    -Emily Dickinson

    My apologies for missing Time Machine Tuesday again this week. The good news is that my eyes are healing (so saith my opthalmologist), and I should be in a position to get my new prescription (and the snazzy new frames I'm going to treat myself to!) in the next couple of weeks. The bad news is that I'm still on the wards. And it's pretty busy. At any rate, there's still the occasional knitting going on.

    In spite of the woollen goodness that is my knitting these days, spring is coming into southern California in a really lovely way this year. I had the opportunity (and the day off!) to drive up into Orange County last Saturday to attend JayJay's baby shower (full of knitters!), and the drive was filled with orange and yellow wildflowers on the side of the road. It was a nice contrast to the snow-capped mountains to the East, and the palm trees and ocean coast to the West.
    I do have one finished object appropriate for more springy-weather: The Chevron Scarf that snuck up on us all out of nowhere.

    To answer some questions, well really, the question - how many leftovers did I use? I used the leftovers from 2 pairs of socks. I have small feet, so I'm guessing this is about 35g of each. The scarf came out about 60" long, a little shorter than what was called for in the pattern, but perfectly adequate for a nice thin spring neck wrap.

    Can anyone recommend a good small scale that is accurate to 1 gram? All the kitchen scales I find are only accurate to 1 oz, which is 3+ grams and not a margin of error I want for knitting.

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    Blogger Linda said...

    Try this scale:

    It works well for me and can be zeroed.

    2/13/2008 3:15 PM  
    Blogger nova said...

    I use a kitchen scale. I think the chevron is pretty nice!

    2/13/2008 6:35 PM  
    Blogger Lori said...

    The scarf is fantastic! The colors really just scream "SPRING!!!" How refreshing!

    I have an Escali brand digital kitchen scale, I bought it from, and it has been really great so far. It measures in one-gram increments, ounces to two decimal points, and pounds as well (up to 13 or so, I believe...) It wasn't ridiculously expensive, and it's compact too :)

    2/13/2008 6:36 PM  
    Blogger knitmd said...

    For those of us diagonally across the country, who work in the easternmost trauma center in the US, spring is a figment of one's imagination as we slide down the hill backwards, followed by sideways.... and that was with AWD! You're trying to make us jealous, aren't you?

    2/13/2008 9:15 PM  
    Blogger Tracy Batchelder said...

    Have you checked out postal scales?

    2/14/2008 5:21 AM  
    Blogger Catherine said...

    I have to second loribird. I also have an Escali scale from Amazon ( It's got grams as well as ounces so it's good for weighing yarn and postal packages!

    So let's see the scarf rolled out!! It reminds me of ocean waves!

    2/14/2008 6:50 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I hope we get a modeled shot that shows a little more of the scarf! The little we can see of it looks great. :)

    2/14/2008 9:22 AM  
    Blogger JayJay said...

    The hubby and I were so happy and surprised to see you last weekend! You definitely went above and beyond driving all that way for the shower and we were very touched.

    Hmm, I keep thinking that a scientific scale would work, but that might be too accurate and annoying to work with. Perhaps I will consult with my engineering hubby on this one.

    The scarf looks great!

    2/16/2008 10:29 AM  

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