Sunday, January 01, 2006

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    Good resolutions are simply checks men draw
    on a bank where they have no account.

    -Oscar Wilde

    I'm out of town visiting lovely (but blogless) friends for New Year's, and really just to visit, so I cleverly split up my reflections and resolutions into two posts. Now you'll have something new and exciting to enjoy on this new and exciting day. And once you read this post, go check out the Mummers. It wouldn't be New Year's Day without them.

    Six (Knitting) Resolutions for 2006:
    1. Update The Early Works: Some of my best friends were the grateful recipients of the lumpy bumpy first things I've made, and could really use some nice new hat-scarf-mittens sets.
    2. Successful fairisle on dpns: Socks, mittens, whatever it takes to manage the floats around the corners.
    3. The Crossed in Translation KAL: I want to keep up with this as the knit-a-along is knit. I'm sure struggling through the Japanese pattern will be easier that way, rather than trying to finish it up myself so many months later.
    4. TKGA Master Knitting Level 2. Anyone want a vest?
    5. Christmas stockings for the family: This is a resolution born of necessity - when I went to hang mine up this year, the hang-tie broke, and we realized they were all looking a little shabby.
    6. Transition to Southern California: learn to love knitting in cotton. Learn to love that shells and tanks don't have sleeves.


    Blogger Chris said...

    You don't have to knit in straight cotton. How about cotton and silk blends? Mmmm...

    Oh yeah, and - Tag... You're IT!!!

    List 5 weird things about yourself, tag five other people to do the same, and then comment on their blogs that they have been tagged. Have fun!

    1/01/2006 12:06 PM  
    Blogger Susan said...

    Think cotton ribbon, rayon ribbon, soft, lightweight silk, cotton/rayon blends...knitting cotton isn't too bad as long as it's not dishcloth cotton!

    1/01/2006 9:20 PM  
    Blogger Kate Diamond said...

    Reworking the early works? I am intrigued, and you said if I wanted to put in a request I could... so, cute new hat that fits snugly on my head that doesn't make me itch. (The hat you made me is so cute, and doesn't itch, but isn't snug. I have other hats that are snug, but don't fit the requirements you met so brilliantly...)

    Would love to tell you I'll reciprocate soon by dedicating a romance novel to you, but God only knows when I'll be able stop writing lesson plans for "Bless Me, Ultima" and start writing chapters full of flirtation.

    1/03/2006 5:05 PM  

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