Wednesday, November 07, 2007

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    Discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or nation.
    -Oscar Wilde

    In the midst of the hats, the ladybug sweater, my complete ignorance of my lace projects and my Denim Aran, in the midst of all that, there are a few projects that haven't quite seen the light of day. The stash has been rather inspiring lately. Most of these are small, but together they make a relatively full Christmas basket . . .

    Simple Cabled Hat. Just what it sounds like.Shedir. Everyone else has.The Baltic Mittens. My husband has already claimed these via video chat. Think I'll ever get him to move somewhere cold?Log Cabin Socks. There just may be a second pair of these in the works. At least the first pair is going speedily.EZ February Sweater. Not for Christmas, but babies never do understand holidays. That's the round-up. Think I can get a Clean Slate by 2008?

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    Blogger Abigail said...

    Good luck on cleaning your slate.

    Hey did you hear from your Apres Sock pal yet?

    11/08/2007 7:14 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    OK - if you are only counting these pictured projects...2 hats, 1 mitts, 1 socks, 1 sweater - all enticing to work problem - you'll easily have them done by 2008!!
    I don't think I'll be joining this KAL - although I SHOULD!

    11/08/2007 2:23 PM  
    Blogger JayJay said...

    I think you are one of the few that could easily finish them all! Although a wedding coming up might hinder that a bit. ;)

    11/09/2007 10:28 AM  
    Blogger Rebecca said...

    Oh dear! Do sweaters have to count?????

    11/09/2007 11:27 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I am very glad to hear that you and your husband are doing something as chaste as looking at handknit socks over your video chat. ;)

    11/13/2007 4:39 PM  

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