Sunday, November 23, 2008

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    But if the while I think on thee, dear friend,
    All losses are restored and sorrows end.
    -William Shakespeare

    Well, I've had a pretty all-around crafty weekend . . . which explains why I'm blogging just before bed at 9:30 on Sunday evening. (I get up early.)

    I knit. I sewed. I'm working on pajama pants - my first-ever sewn garment. It's going well, although even this simple pattern is more involved than I would have guessed. And it's a really good thing JayJay was there to hold my hand and show me which way was up in the pattern and lend me fabric scissors. Wow - they're sharp!

    Anyway, then I knit some more and even cooked for friends. Like I said, crafty. But of course I have no photos as of yet.

    So instead of a second photo-less post in two days, I'll share some photos I've been meaning to post since August. I believe I mentioned that my dear friend Kate D. (cheer her on for NaNoWriMo here) got married. You know she's a good friend when she invites you to stay at her parents' house for the wedding so that you won't be lonely because your husband couldn't come. As a bonus, I got to sleep in the presence of delightful craftiness.

    Let's all admire the wonderful hand-embroidered pillowcases that Kate's grandmother made. They adorn the "extra" bed pillows on the guest bed, on top of a lovely handmade scrap quilt. But then, what to do with the other pillowcases, since there were more than could be displayed at the same time? In a stroke of pure genius, Kate's mom made them into valances. Aren't they perfect up there? What a great idea!

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    Blogger JayJay said...

    Wow, that is a clever idea! I don't have many intact pillowcases anymore. I wore most of them out. I did save the crocheted edgings and plan to embroider some new cases to go with. Embroidery is loads of fun!

    11/24/2008 12:39 PM  

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