Sunday, November 27, 2005

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    In my post-Thanksgiving turkey-induced coma (although my sister was quick to point out that we all get so tired after Thanksgiving dinner because of the carbohydrate overload, not the tryptophan in the turkey), I sat myself down for a good long talk. Self, I said, it's time to get cracking on the Christmas gift knitting. Myself agreed.

    Here's our list:

    1,2,3: Hats. Two of three done.
    4. Warm wool socks. 1/4 done.
    5. Norwegian Roses cardigan. This was a birthday gift for an April birthday. Body finished. Needs 2 sleeves, a buttonband and a neck border. So . . . 2/3 done?
    6. Dale of Norway baby cardigan - lace border, no colorwork. Not even swatched. Ouch.
    7. Leaf lace scarf in cashmere. Until I run out of yarn, but maybe 1/2 done.
    8. Christmas ornmanents from KnitPicks assuming I have time.

    That's the holiday list. Of course, every thing else falls into the "Finish before New Year's Eve, or else" list. I got that concept from a post on the Knitlist years ago, when people actually talked about knitting and life was good. The poster commented that she made a point of finishing all of her WIPs prior to the end of the year, or she ripped them out on New Year's Day. Starting fresh, and all that. I'm not quite so extreme, but I do want to avoid the 15 year old UFOs that I see occasionally in blogland. So I do my level best to finish by New Year's, and then make a note of my remaining projects. I make extra sure those projects aren't on the same list next year . . .


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